Thursday, May 22, 2014

XE16 disaster and XE17 is getting better.

For the past month, us Glass Explorers have been going through one wild ride. It's been problem after problem with our Glass and we're starting to get back to where we were. Glass XE16 brought Android 4.4 KitKat to the tablet. It also brought a slue of bugs and glitches that made some of our devices completely unusable. My Glass in specific would restart constantly and would suffer from battery life drains within only a few hours. Some devices were completely bricked, with users having to receive new pairs of Glass. Those were dark times. Now, it's getting better and I'm here to tell you after a series of new updates, I can finally tell you the good of KitKat on Glass.

First, speed has been improved phenomenally. Glass now responds to you faster than ever. Sometimes even before I can finish the command "okay glass." (Also, you can now say "okay Jarvis" in reference to Tony Stark's computer named Jarvis from Iron Man) Searching the web or sending a message is now seamless where as in the past you had to stop your sentence for Glass to register your task. Now you can fluidly just say "okay glass google I'm hungry?" and it'll pick it all up.

Secondly, the apps that have been added since the update are quite useful. Google added the calender app and also some great recipe apps are out there now. But these are just apps, not so much Glass so I'll go back to the native software.

You can now send feedback directly through Glass, sending a debug of your Glass along with a message stating what your bug or problem is. It's quite useful when I kept sending debugs of when my proximity sensor wasn't working properly. Now it's working fine and I'm on XE17.1.

And to keep this short I'm going to end this with the greatest improvement from XE17 and that's being able to backup your photos and videos when you want to. Before you had to wait until Glass would backup your photos and videos that you took that day to the cloud (Google+). Now there's an option in the settings card that allows you to backup your photos whether you're on a data connection or wifi.

Overall, Glass is getting there. Will it be a consumer product anytime soon? I highly doubt that. There are just too many negatives over positives to be able to sell this as it is today. If Google can get their act together, whether it be by the end of the year or not, I think they have a pretty good product on hand.