Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2 Month Update

Well, it's easy to say that having Google Glass has changed my life. Which is weird considering it's just a piece of technology you wear on your face. But Glass has been able to change a lot of the daily activities I do. Starting with time, Glass has been my watch for the past 2 months and my phone never leaves my pocket anymore when I have to check the clock. Just a simple tap of the touch pad or a head tilt will display the clock and then I go back to my life. No phone to take out, no looking down. Especially when having a conversation before class, Glass will tell me when it's 10 minutes before class and that's when I know to end conversations.

Is it rude to use Glass during conversation?
Don't be a Glasshole, would be my answer. If you find yourself looking at Glass for more than 15 seconds, you're distracted from the world around you and Glass isn't fulfilling it's duty. Glass is supposed to get technology out of the way. Which is ironic because to get technology out of the way, we must wear it on our face.

People ask about Glass... a lot.
One time, this man came up to me and asked, "Can I ask you a question? Is it okay to ask you a question?"
Meanwhile, some people will just start conversations with you, already knowing what you're wearing.
I think that the social aspect of wearing Glass is the most fun, currently. As software become second nature, the one thing that you'll always be surprised about is peoples reactions. That's the most fun, informing the general public. Once you put on Glass you are no longer "normal." You're a Google Glass Explorer and that's exactly what you're doing, "exploring." Possibilities are endless with Glass, which is why when people ask "What can you do with Glass?" it's hard to give a simple answer. I captured a priceless moment in class recently that involved completing a lighting circuit with a hot dog. But if I said to someone, "I use Glass to record my professors using hot dogs to complete circuits...", people would think I'm crazy.

We all use Glass for different purposes. The most fun is when you get to use Glass in weird, fun ways. Completing math problems while measuring with a tape measure is a good example of fun... (well to me it is). I normally don't take pictures, but with Glass I find an excuse to take a picture whenever possible.

In the beginning, I was very hesitant with Glass. Driving, clothing stores and movie theaters raise red flags in my head. As Glass was very distracting in the beginning (mainly due to my overwhelming excitement of owning Google Glass) I wouldn't wear Glass while driving. I've tried it a couple times and have come to the conclusion it's not necessary while driving. You wouldn't use a phone while driving, you wouldn't text while driving either. So there's no excuse why you would need Glass while driving. "What about directions?" I don't recommend it. Yes, you can do it, but the interface isn't polished enough for you to use it effectively. Stick to the cell phone mount or the standalone GPS.
Clothing stores give me a weird feeling, especially Forever 21. The dressing rooms are just curtains. Which makes me feel awkward as all hell wearing a camera on my face.
And finally, movie theaters... where I recently read about a fellow Explorer pulled out of the theater by the FBI being accused of recording a movie.
Be smart about where you wear Glass.

But I'll end this on a positive note, Glass is absolutely fantastic. I've used Glass in so many ways that I think so many people can benefit from it. Will Glass' magic be ruined if or when they're released to the public? Maybe, I love being special, but I'm sure everyone will have fun with Glass as well. Glass isn't for everyone, but for those people that like to be out there and futuristic with their technology, by all means get Glass. I know this update wasn't very well structured, I apologize, I kinda ranted for a bit. There's so much to talk about. But I'll try to cover it all.

As always, ask me questions and comment so I know what you want me to cover next.
Until next time!

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