Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glass Under the Microscope: Part 1

People ask me all the time, "What do you do with Glass?" It's a very hard question to answer. Glass can be used for so many things and when I try to describe it, all I can really say is, "It's an extension of my phone." I recieve all my notifications through Glass and whatnot. But for some reason, I believe, people think it is something crazy from the future that is monitoring everything I do. People ask if I like Glass, and I do, but it's hard to explain what I like about it within a few sociable moments with a stranger. People don't want a nerdy earful of how the software is finely tuned to suit your needs. They want a few sentences to describe Glass. So I've come up with this to answer every question in only a few sentences. " Google Glass is great, I really enjoy using it. It's not a final product and isn't available to everyone, I have it because I am testing it. It works great and I can use it for hands-free socialization and communication but there are some bugs." And that's it. Simple. Easy.

Now lets put Glass under the microscope. What can you use Glass for?
   As you are reading this, you're clearly more interested in what Glass really does, or you would have stopped reading this a while ago. Glass has a slue of functionality So lets start with the most basic use of Glass; Google.

This is what you'll see over 100 times a day. Very simple and easy to understand. Every time you wake Glass, by tapping the touch pad on the side, you'll be presented with this screen. From here you'll talk to Glass with the command words "okay glass." 
After you say those words you'll be presented some options.

These will be your options to choose from. From here you'll speak one of the lines
of options and then you'll present what you're looking for.
For example;
"Okay Glass... Google
How tall is the Empire State Building

Having Google Glass do most of the work for you, you'll start to use Glass in ways you never thought. Doing measurement conversions like feet to inches or cups to tablespoons becomes simple and easy. 

There are some bugs with the software, but that's another story.
This was just a quick start to what you can basically do with Glass.
Check back soon for more updates and information.

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