Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Without Glass for a Day

I could see clearly. Yes, that's true. I didn't miss it much at all, to be completely honest. I did, however, find myself tapping my temple to bring up the time... with no prevail. I didn't miss out on anything though. No pictures needed to be taken, no calculations were to be done. Really, having Glass gone for the day was a breath of fresh air. I was doing some programming and didn't want any of my work to be lost in the debug so I left Glass connected to my computer. Another reason I gladly left Glass at home was the nose piece was driving me CRAZY. Google says wear Glass in whatever way, as long as it's comfortable... well no matter how many adjustments I made, Glass was never comfortable. It would squeeze and pinch and pull my nose and I could never find a comfortable position for the nose pads. It wasn't until I put on my normal glasses and matched the exact location of the nose pads did Glass become bearable again.

So I guess just to wrap up this short post, I went a day without Glass... and I was human again.

(Cue Beauty and the Beast music)

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