Saturday, February 1, 2014

Glass and the Outside World

Well, what else can you expect from wearing Glass on your head? People stare at you as you walk by. After a week I got used to it, but the first social experiment was when I wore Glass at the mall. I entered with the thought of people will stare and some will ask about it. That's exactly what I got, but I discovered something else as well. When you enter a store (as a normal human and not a cyborg) you are usually met with an employee to say, " Welcome to (insert obligatory clothing store here), if you need any help, let me know!" But as I entered a clothing store, the employees went out of their way to ignore me. I was met with no "hello" but instead silence and awkward stares. The only time an employee would interact with me was when I actually bought something and they had to do the usual check out conversation. The man at J.Crew seemed interested in Glass and asked about it, but the conversation quickly died. Side note, I got 3 shirts on sale for $26, which was kinda cool. Glass made it an interesting trip to the mall.
A lot of people did double takes, with one instance where a man walked in front of me to get a better look and then report back to his friend. So after walking around, I decided it would be a good idea to go into the Apple Store to be around people who may know about Glass or be interested. I've had a history of going into Apple stores and convincing customers to go buy an Android phone, but today I had the goal of going to look at the miraculous design of the new Mac Pro. The same thing happened as before, the employees completely ignored me. Even as I was playing with the computer and looking around the store, not a single employee asked if I needed help.

So I left the mall with 3 observations...
1) People go out of their way to ignore you
2) People will stare and whisper if they know what Glass is
3) Old people give you death stares (I think they were just really confused)

As I find more places to take Glass, I will report my findings.

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