Sunday, February 2, 2014

Google in the Glassroom

   I'm a college student and after buying Glass, I'm now a very broke college student. But I wondered how my friends would react to Glass. I took Glass to class (heh) for the first time and I was excited to show my friends. At school, I'm already known for having a lot of cool tech toys. I used to own 3 phones, one I sold to pay for Glass. I walked up the steps to my building and I opened the doors and the first thing I said was, "Man, it's cold outside." I went and hugged my friend and then, almost instantly and without hesitation, I heard, "Oh my god is that Google Glass?! I have to try it on! Can I see?!" After that, about 10 of my friends came and huddled around, wanting to try on Glass. I let them all play and I showed them the cool things you could do. The reactions varied though, as some were absolutely amazed at Glass' capabilities, meanwhile some were not impressed and thought it was odd. There were also people that had never even heard of Google Glass before.
   Then the one question came up that I hate answering, "How much was that?" Now, every time I hear that I dread giving an answer. I'll either say, "very, very expensive" or be direct and say it was "fifteen hundred dollars." For some reason I would rather say fifteen hundred than one thousand, five hundred. I believe it sounds less. Once I say what the price is, people are either impressed or appalled, and I have to explain why.

But back to first reactions, friends found it fun. They liked taking pictures and telling Glass to do things. My professors were curious. I showed them all and each was impressed and interested. I took pictures and videos of important conversations and subjects. Glass in the classroom has minimal use. I would receive text messages from my friend sitting behind me and I would view them on Glass and see if I needed to respond on my phone or not. For the most part, Google Glass was a hit at school.
   Some strangers would come up and ask to see Glass as well. College students are more educated about technology so I figured more would come up and ask, unlike the people at the mall. I would walk though the halls and between buildings and people would stare as usual. I've gotten use to that. As I entered the cafeteria, kids would stare and then tell the people next to them that I'm wearing Glass and then the entire table would end up staring. One instance, I was entering a building and I could see from the outside that there were kids in the hallway talking and socializing. As soon as I entered, the entire hallway grew silent. I walked down the hall with about 50 kids staring at me at once. As I passed, I would hear, "... Google Glass," whispered behind me.

For the most part, that has been my experience with Glass at school . If anything new arises, I'll be sure to update. Stay tuned for more!

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